We’ve been in the game for a long time, we know what works and we know how to spot common mistakes before they’re made. Whether you’re starting up in the bar industry, designing a drinks menu or planning an opening night, our Consultancy packages will help you reach the next level.




Bars, restaurants, conference centres, wedding venues… managing places like these can be time-consuming and draining. We know – from personal experience – that extra responsibilities and surprise hurdles can impact the day-to-day running of a business, and sometimes you just can’t seem to catch up on the finer details.

That’s where we come in. We’ll spend a total of 25 hours in your bar and audit your current practices, paying special attention to staff training, customer service strategy and bar setup in relation to your vision. At the end, we’ll hand over a detailed evaluation document outlining our findings, as well as several low or no-cost solutions to help you reach your short-term goals.



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Your business is up and running and most of the logistics are in place. The missing piece? A drinks menu that captures the personality of your bar. The booze you brandish can make or break your brand image, and ensuring your beverages match the style and cuisine of your venue is the first step to a memorable menu that stands out from your competitors.

This package is ideal for new venues, or owners looking to breathe some life into their existing menus. It includes:

·      A thorough assessment of your existing inventory, with recommendations on what to keep, what to let go and what to order in.

·      A streamlined stocklist and cocktail menu, themed to your brand concept, along with cocktail recipe cards and check lists.

·      Cocktail equipment and glassware sourcing and recommendations.

·      Full bar setup and display design.

·      Physical menu design and print.

·      Staff training on menu and stocklist implementation.



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No matter how well-crafted your bar concept is, curated décor and authentic cuisine can’t make up for disinterested, poorly-trained staff. Your bartenders are the first port-of-call for new customers, and having a well-trained team that believes in your vision while creating an unforgettable experience in your bar will convert your once-off visitors into loyal regulars.

This package is designed for venues looking to upskill and develop their staff, enhance their customer service, or create a distinct customer culture. It includes:

·      An evaluative report on your staff’s current performance with training manuals for each of your staff, including bar basics, liquor cabinet and cocktail training.

·      A simple, unique service strategy that embodies your concept.

·      Training and evaluation programmes for your management team to ensure a sustained service standard.

·      A SIP Exclusive mentor, who will spend 1 week in your bar with your staff, to ensure that all new techniques, changes and strategies implemented are maintained. 



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You’re working hard on your bar design and brand personality, but now you need to translate it into a tangible experience. Differentiating your bar with décor, lighting and layout is tricky but essential, as they work together with your drinks menu to bring your bar concept to life.

For new venues or businesses looking to re-launch, this package is ideal, as it includes all the offerings of our Beverage & Concept Design and Staff Training packages (see above), in addition to the following:

·      Bar design & layout, including a meeting with your designers to review the ergonomics and workability of your bar.

·      Pre-launch and set-up assistance.

·      Opening night and front-of-house management assistance.

·      Market research on prominent competitors in your vicinity, along with recommendations for differentiation.

·      Staff sourcing and assistance in the interview process.



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When bringing something new to the alcohol industry, knowing the ins-and-outs is the difference between creating the next craft craze and becoming another forgettable name in a swath of similar brands and products. We take our expertise and infuse it into your brand strategy, no matter the category, to help you design a market-ready offering built on the latest trends and developments in the liquor industry.

Our Brand Activation package is suited to anyone looking to bring a new liquor brand, craft beer or cocktail to the market, and includes the following:

·      Assistance with brand strategy and placement.

·      Brand cultivation and development, including signature cocktails that match your brand direction.

·      Brand Activations.

·      Incentive-based and value-added training programmes for venues.

·      Industry-training for sales reps, along with knowledge on categories, cocktails and history.

·      Concept development and drink styling for photo shoots.