We designed our Standard Bars for anyone looking to throw a party with a beverage list that is sleek and simple, without sacrificing any of the essentials. Beers, wines, ciders and the usual mixers are all included, and you get your own bartender to bring it all to life. For a little extra, you can throw a few cocktails on the menu, too.




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Sweet, sour, bitter, spicy or salty, our standard selection of craft cocktails are curated to match any taste or preference and impress your guests. Keep your drinks ‘weather-wise’ with our seasonal cocktail menu, tailored to the temperature gauge to add an extra twist, whether it rains or shines.



Our Experience Bars are themed packages with a distinct look, feel and menu, designed to infuse your event with a truly unforgettable, interactive bar feature. 

Winter Wonderland:

A true Winter warmer to chase away any uninvited chills. Think gluhwein and hot chocolate on tap, with mushroom heaters and a firepit to roast alcohol-infused ‘adult marshmallows’.

Top-shelf Spirits Tasting:

Perfect for impressing friends who know their liquor, this bar brings premium whisky and brandy from home and abroad to your event with a selection of paired cigars, cheeses and chocolates, all under the guidance of an industry professional.

The G&T Genie:

Capitalise on the gin craze at your event with our offering of local and international gins, spruced up with hand-selected herbs, spices and seasonal fruit.


Based on the Italian custom of reveling in that magical hour at the end of the work day, this bar serves up a range of Aperitivo cocktails for a sublime sundowner Experience. 




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If the above don’t work for you, you can fill in our step-by-step B.Y.O.B. form to create your own package to suit the requirements of your event. We’ll get back to you with a free quote shortly.




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We have strategically put together packages that allow you to be fully immersed in the world of cocktails and mixology!

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Join us at our warehouse for a dynamic, interactive introduction to the world of mixology and bartending. We’ll provide welcome drinks and snacks, demonstrations, engaging cocktail tutorials as well as a sneak peek into our new seasonal menus. 




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Whether you’re embarking on a new career path, looking to brush up on your skills or simply wanting some extra cash… Our training programme is for you. The programme is equal parts theory and practical with tests on both, and the course is only passed with a mark of 80% in the former and a 90% in the latter. Included:

·      Training manual.

·      Certification.

·      Basic cocktail kit.

·      Snacks and refreshments.

·      Work opportunities with our events.

·      Extra skills and knowledge on spirits and cocktails.